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Examples in horses


Sarcoid on the head (periocular) of a horse:








before radiation








after 4 months





Sarkoid next to the eye of a horse:  healing process


initial condition

after 5 months








condition after 2 years






Sarcoid on the upper eyelid:


during the treatment


condition after 11 months


horse with a squamous cell carzinoma next to the vulva (12x8x1,8 cm)


before radiation: regrowth despite graft surgery




connection of the brachytherapy unit



condition 5 months later: only scars of the precedent surgery are visible



Horses with sarcoid on the prepuce (on the right: state after 22 months)






Horse with cancer in the oral cavity:







initial state









1 year after brachytherapy






Sarcoid on the left lower jaw


before brachytherapy


17 months after brachytherapy (depigmentation around commissure as side effect)