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Sarcoid in a horse (gullet area) treated only once with electrochemotherapy (ect)


Originally the sarcoid had the size and shape of  a wart. Treatments during 3-4 years included XX- Terra cream, Aciclovir ointment and several surgeries but the sarcoid always grew back and became bigger.


Photo shows the condition and size before ect (5 x 4,5 cm)



During ect: injection of bleomycin and electrodes in position for ECT.

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) combines chemotherapy and electrical field pulses, which allows for the penetration of an anti-cancer drug (bleomycin in this case) at a much higher concentration than when injected directly into the tumor.



After 2 months: diminishing in size and depth (1,5 x 0,8 cm)